The Rating System

How we rate a place

We are rating all places out of an overall score of 25. There are four categories: food, service, value and the all important SAS factor.

Food – measure of how enjoyable the food is, it’s quality and the variety of dishes the place has to offer.

Service – quantifies at the mannerism of the staff and the speed/ efficiency of service.

Value – Was the food worth it? The higher the rating the higher the value for money (in our eyes)

Venue – What is the place like? Is it easy to get to? Suitability for large groups etc

SAS factor – it’s a combination of many things: the uniqueness of the food, the location and the presentability of the place.

Overall Scores / 25

Do note that a restaurant/ take away is judged to its own merit/ speciality e.g. A Lebanese take away scoring 20/25 would not necessarily mean it is a better place to go to than for example a steakhouse scoring 16/25.