About us

Looking for a place to eat?

It’s hard to decide, particularly when you’ve never been there before and it’s even harder to find restaurants serving halal food.

The Salt&Sheikh team is: Sulty, Sheikhy, Azzizi, Annie, Yav and Mortz.

We want to share our halal foodie experiences of various food joints around town. It’s important for us to stress that our visits are snapshots and may not be entirely representative of the restaurant but we try our best to be as fair as possible!

Our rating system covers a lot of ground from food quality to the ‘saltandsheikh’ factor! And we usually go with a few people, on various occasions and try a variety of dishes so we are able to provide a full picture.

NB. We take our own measures to ensure the places we visit are halal but please do confirm this for yourselves before visiting.

If you are a restaurant and want us to come review your place and put it on our hit map, drop us an email 🙂

Some of the places we review may also sell alcohol/non halal meat, we have made this clear on the reviews.

Please feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment or sending us an email to either:




Thanks and enjoy!