Salt & Sheikh – Small Bites Vol. 1: The Berlin Doner and Bokit’la

Hey everyone

This will be the first of a post dedicated to small bites/ street food that you can pick up. If you’re new to street food, there may not be the sort of variety that restaurants have, or the coziness, but what you do get is great tasting food for good value.

We will give the places one score out of 10. 6 being OK to 10 being out of this world!

The Berlin Doner

The Berlin Doner operates at both Hammersmith (Friday) and Portobello (weekend) markets, people that have visited Berlin do rave about the doners, why? Because it has a greater Turkish feel about it.. The bread, the sauces and spices add that extra dimension.

The staff that work at this stall are very polite, they give tasters and really do fill up that Doner!

Rating 8/10 – good quality meat, love the toasted Turkish bread with the herb sauces. Amazing.

This is based in hammersmith food market, it was was an unusual type of food, not one I would come across often, but hey that’s why we are here, to unravel these places! The staff confirmed the food is halal, so I decided to check out why there were such long cues.
What it essentially is for those that know what a puri is, it’s that (fried bread) filled with chicken, salt fish or veggies with a basic salad and hot sauce, so it’s very simple but it tastes great.  Make sure you start off on medium hot if you like spice and build up if you want next time. Expect a little wait but it’s well worth it if you want to get away from your typical wrap or sandwich.

Rating – 7/10 – simple, juicy, spicy and different

By Sheikhy