The Meat Co, Westfield Shepherds Bush

Formerly known as ‘The Meat & Wine Co’, The Meat Co has a worldwide reputation for serving some of the most expertly cooked prime cuts of steak.

On one occasion I took the opportunity to talk to Tiago, the manager of The Meat Co Westfield. He explained that the restaurant once served a small selection of Halal cuts in simply to accommodate for Middle Eastern customers whilst they were visiting the UK.

Tiago and his team take extreme measures to ensure the most ‘Halal’ experience for those eating from the Halal menu. Some of these measures include:

  • having each steak delivered vacuum packed
  • no wine glasses are allowed to be in the Halal area of the kitchen
  • although the food is stored and cooked separately, pork is delivered on thursdays and on this day no Halal meat is imported

There were more measures he does take which someone would not assume The Meat Co do, but this solidifies its status as a ‘fine dining experience’. It is the only restaurant which has HFA status despite the sale of alcohol and non-halal meat on the premises.

I’ve been able to try different cuts of steak, mocktails and starters with my fellow SAS bloggers.


The waiter bought over this small plate of dried cured meat essentially, a South African speciality. The taste was definitely not for all, quite a strong meat flavour but quite addictive.

Salt and pepper calamari – for those that think Busaba serves the best calamari, think again. This calamari is well cooked and has a thick crunchy batter around it with light hints of pepper.

Boerewors – a long South African sausage on top of pap (South African Polenta) and a smokey BBQ flavour tomato based sauce. The robust sauce does add to the flavour, but slightly let down by the sausage itself.

Chicken Wings – they are juicy and have a BBQ flavour, but maybe a bit bigger? We all have a healthy appetite!

Braised rib meat cigars – it is essentially a one of a kind spring roll. However these are far bigger than an ordinary spring roll and inside it is packed with soft stringy BBQ flavour rib meat, these are amazing.


The steaks are served with their ‘secret recipe’ basting, which adds a smokey BBQ flavour to the steak, whilst I am a fan of this basting it does takeover the natural flavouring of the steak a little for those expert connoisseurs, steaks can be served without the basting of course however you will have to let the waiter know of this request.

I have all my steaks cooked medium and I am fond of marbling on my steaks therefore the rib eye steak is a clear winner.

The North American Black Angus steaks are aged 35+ days and the cows are grain fed, alternatively you can go for a British steak which is aged for up to 30 days and the cows are grass-fed. The result is extra marbling to the Black Angus steaks and a slightly deeper flavour though this isn’t noticeable unless you have the steaks side by side. Don’t be put off by the concept of ‘marbling’ it simply adds to the juicyness.

The rib-eye on bone is probably my favourite of the three, there’s not a lot to choose between them but the latter had the best consistency in terms of texture and lack of hard/cartilaginous bits in the steak which is something I have had with some of the former two. Plus the rib-eye on bone is the biggest steak of the three!!!

The Wagyu steak (New York Strip) is known for having the most marbling, it’s a shame I couldn’t compare a rib eye cut with the two above. However I found it to have the greatest consistency in the meat, it was the softest and had the deepest flavour compared to other steaks.

Fillet steaks are soft and lean, probably the steak I would most recommend to people that haven’t previously had steak. This is Sulty’s favourite, she doesn’t like the marbling and the extra fat! To be honest, it has a more delicate texture compared to other steaks

My favourite sauce to go with the steaks has to be peppercorn sauce, it sounds spicy but it is more closer to a creamy mushroom flavour. The Portuguese sauce is also nice with these steaks, a bit more flavour.


I have tried the sharing platter and though it was all good, the standout was the Malva pudding. This is a gentle sticky toffee pudding in simple terms with a dollop of ice cream on the top, the flavour is deep in to the sponge and the sweetness is not overbearing.

The service here is second to none, on an occasion where I noticed a cartilage in the steak, the staff were more than happy to exchange it steak and offered a good will gesture too, despite me having eaten more than half of the original steak.


Food – 4.5/5 – Best halal steak experience in London

Service – 5/5 – Friendly staff, deal with any issues very promptly to ensure all customers have a good experience

Value – 3.5/5 – approx £70 per head, but this is a fine dining experience, not a lunch spot!

Venue – 4/5 – Nice ambiance, good coordination between staff to avoid lengthy waits, but mixed toilets can be uncomfortable for some

SAS – 5/5 – One of a kind restaurant in London, gives a great experience plus the efforts taken in the ‘halal-ness’ trumps the majority of halal restaurants in London

Overall – 22/25

Review by Sheikhy and Sulty

Unit 1026, Westfield London Shopping Centre, W12 7GA. 020 8749 5914