Kirkuk, Edgware Road

This post is dedicated to Dolma… If you know what Dolma is, I commend you and if you don’t you need to find out what it is!

Dolma is a traditional dish from the Turkish/Medittaranean, Iraqi/Kurdish cuisine. Basically, it is stuffed vegetables served with meat. Each region makes it their own and specialises it according to the local provisions.

Kirkuk, a Kurdish/Iraqi restaurant serves an amazing Dolma. The stuffed vegetables were peppers, aubergine, onions, courgettes and tomatoes. Stuffing was long grain basmati rice cooked in a lot of different flavours. All served with a generous portion of lamb on a bed on naan and salad.

We were also served fresh naan, soup and salad. Finished everything off with some delicious Iraqi tea.

This is Middle Eastern comfort food at its best.


Food – 4/5 – Haven’t had authentic food like this for a while but other than the Dolma so not too sure what the rest of the menu offers

Service – 4/5 – Friendly staff, really helpful but on a busy night it may be hard to get their attention

Value – 4/5 – Two plates of Dolma between three people, including the other small things around 25 all together.

Venue – 3/5 – Simple restaurant that looks like a takeaway from outside

SAS – 3/5 Authentic Middle Eastern food!

Overall – 18/25

355  Edgware Road
London W2 IBS