Tukdin, Paddington

Malay food can be one of the most best comfort food. It’s a fusion of Far East and Indian cuisine.

After a couple of recommendations (by our Malay friends) I decided to check out Tukdin in Paddington. There are quite a few around the area but I hadn’t been to this one before.

What did we have:

Satay goreng, basically chicken satay but not on skewers. The peanut sauce here was great.

Beef Rendang, beef slow cooked in coconut milk with Malaysian spices and herbs. I was so disappointed by this dish, the meat was really tough and there was not nearly enough sauce in the bowl, everyone loves some sauce with their rice. The flavour was actually on point, very authentic and full of flavour but I felt so dissatisfied.

Nasi Lemak Tukdin, this is a famous Malay/Indonesian dish but Tukdin’s version is slightly different to the other Malay restaurants. Coconut rice served with anchovies chilli paste, boiled egg,cucumber, fried chicken and peanuts. Rice was well cooked and the anchovie chilli paste was good! Good ol’ Malay/Indonesian style, you need that egg somewhere on your plate.

Pengat pisang, banana with sweet coconut sauce… this was AMAZING! Sounds weird, cooked banana but to our surprise the dessert was so delicious! The sauce was thick and sweet and tasted like a toffee/butterscotch sauce but less fragrant. The bottom of the dish were little tapioca balls so if you are into all that bubble tea stuff you would probably like this!

There was only two of us so we didn’t order that much but to be honest, what we did order wasn’t that great.. having heard a lot of good feedback about this place, not sure if it was a bad day or I’ve just had better. It is a simple restaurant, which is not a bad thing because often simple places make the most authentic type of food but this place lacked something. Might have to go again… (any excuse for satay)


Food 3/5 Good Malay cuisine but nothing particularly special, well except that banana dessert!

Service 4/5 – Polite and very friendly staff

Venue 3/5- Venue is about out of the way unless you know the area well, very simple restaurant but comfortable!

Value 3/5 Average pricing and quite good portion sizes.

SAS factor 2/5

Pork/Non-halal meat is not served on the menu. Alcohol is not served.

Total score: 15/25

Review by Sulty