Loco Mexicano, Westbourne Grove

Loco? So, we had a big group dinner organised at Loco Mexicano. Mainly chose this place because it’s a bit different, could accommodate for a larger group and it seemed like quite a fun place, there are lots of sombreros (Mexican hats) which you are free to wear and obviously take a selfie or two!

In general, the food was pretty average. Nothing really stood out which was a big shame. The plates looked a bit lonely too unfortunately. The starters and quaesadilla were a lot better than the main courses. One of the group went for the swordfish on the menu, a welcomed dish but again not much stood out.

The Mexican Chilli and BBQ burger were good but I can think of other places if I fancy a burger…


Food – 2/5 Really hit and miss. In general, very average food. I wouldn’t go again for the food.

Service 4/5 – Polite and the manager was very accommodating particularly as we were a big group!

Venue – 3/5- Very easily accessible venue and could fit quite a few people, particularly in their booths. Each booth can fit around 12 people. Nothing particularly stands out about the interior except for the sombreros everywhere!

Value – 2/5 Average pricing but quite small portions for what you pay.

SAS factor- 3/5 It’s Mexican and the hats make this place quite fun and different!

Pork/Non-halal meat is served on the menu. Alcohol is served.

Total score: 14/25

Review by Sulty