Nabrasa, Uxbridge

After much hype about Brasilian Barbecue, I decided to take my family out for dinner. I’ve heard mixed feelings about this place and as the least carnivorous member of the SAS team, I was a little bit apprehensive. We trekked to Uxbridge, by car naturally and when we were arrived, we were slightly shocked at the emptiness of the place but you know what, the staff there were AMAZING! Advice 1: go on a Sunday evening, you will be treated like royalty!

Advice 2: Don’t eat the whole day before you go.

So basically how it works is that it’s a buffet. You get up take a plate and choose from the variety of salads and savoury food to pile onto your plate. You take a seat and wait for the meat on skewers to come to you…. a carnivore’s dream. You have a little round card that has a green and red side, Green = Yes, more food! Red = I’m stuffed, go away before I explode.

Different types of meats are churned out until you say no basically and if you particularly like a certain one, you can just tell them and they’ll bring you some more. What’s nice is that the meat cuts are just enough for you to taste and get some satisfaction out of the flavour. You don’t feel too overwhelmed or overloaded by protein. I’m not a huge meat eater, but this was actually quite good.

(Apologies about the quality of the pictures, I found it hard to make buffet food look good quite… plus cuts of meat came one by one)

Some of the meat was not to my liking, either too fatty or too pink but whatever floats your boat! My men in the family who enjoy pink meat, liked the cuts from the pinkish rump steak. I personally loved the lamb which was seasoned with oregano (definitely a hit amongst the ladies!). They also served chicken heart which was a hit amongst some, so if you like the meat sweets then this is the place for you.

The pineapple at the end was soooooooo good. I asked for extra….. I would go back for the pineapple.


Food – 3/5 The buffet selection was good and the meat selection was varied but only a few cuts (lamb and some of the beef cuts) really stood out

Service 5/5 – Polite and the skewered meats and garlic bread arrived pretty quick.  Service was unbelievably superb.

Venue – 3/5- In the main Uxbridge area road, easy to get to by public transport and road parking is available at certain times around the area. Big venue but nothing particularly stands out about the interior.

Value – 3/5 As buffet’s go this is pretty standard price.

SAS factor- 4/5 It’s different and it’s definitely an experience!

Pork/Non-halal meat is not served on the menu. Alcohol is served.

Total score: 18/25

Review by Sulty