Kish, Kilburn

After burgers, burgers and some more burgers, it was time to go and enjoy something different (yet just as meaty) and what better than Persian cuisine! Known for big portions and reasonable prices, Iranian restaurants are popping up everywhere in London, though mostly concentrated in West and North London.

Kish restaurant situated across the Islamic Centre of England and Marriot hotel in Maida vale/ beginning of Kilburn is easily accessible by public transport or car (plenty of parking available in the evenings). The interior is no different than most Iranian restaurants, making the most of the space they have by cramping as many tables and chairs in! The décor is very plain and cannot be compared to the cultural overload you get at a place like Behesht (see review).

We ordered the mixed starter which gives you a selection of warm and cold starters of your choice. For mains we went for the most popular dishes at any Iranian restaurant and that’s the grilled meat! Koubideh (minced lamb), joojeh (boneless chicken breast and also chicken on the bone), chenjeh (diced lamb pieces) all of which comes with the mixed grill on the menu along with 4 portions of saffron rice, salad and grilled tomatoes. We also ordered the traditional rice which has the tangy barberries (zereshk polo).

The waiter was polite and patient while we asked regarding different dishes and service was prompt. The standout starter was the kashk-e-badenjan which is a warm aubergine, walnut and herbs dish which was rich in flavour. The naan was average with inconsistency in the baking of it in the traditional ‘tanoor’ though it is a common problem among Iranian restaurants.

Time for the main event and it didn’t disappoint. The koubideh was soft and my spoon (the traditional cutting cutlery for Iranians!) cut through the meat with ease and juices oozing out. The taste was just as impressive soft, meaty and scent of the charcoal it has been cooked on. The chenjeh was just as impressive, large sized chunks of meat, easy to cut through, bursting with flavour and satisfying all your meaty cravings. The joojeh was well marinated without the saffron overpowering the flavour. though some pieces were slightly dry. The Pièce de résistance of Persian cuisine is the rice and at kish you get a huge portion of it, perfectly cooked, buttery and saffron scented.

Dessert options as always in Iranian restaurant, limited and we opted to not have any but did finish the meal with a trademark brewed Iranian chai in cute small glasses.

Kish restaurant lets the food do the talking and if you’re a fan of Iranian food this place is definitely worth a try. We will definitely returning and don’t be surprised to hear from this place more and more alongside popular restaurants such as Behesht, Mahdi’s and Persian palace.

Food – 4/5 from what we tried it is has one of the best Iranian grilled meats in London.

Service 4/5 – Polite and food arrived pretty quick, though it did help to have a farsi speaking person with us. Waiter’s cool moustache was also a hit!

Venue – 3/5- on the main road, easy to get to by public transport and road parking available. The exterior and interior does not stand out though.

Value – 4/5 compared to other cuisines, cheap as chips considering the portion size. It sits on the inexpensive side compared to most Iranian restaurants.

SAS factor- 3/5 Great food and like all other Iranian restaurants leftovers are packed taken home instead of thrown in the bin.

Pork/Non-halal meat is not served on the menu and there is no alcohol sold (BYOB- although on all the occasions we’ve been we have not seen people drinking)

Total score: 18/25

Review by Morts