The Gourmet Hut, Whitechapel

Burger Connoisseurs or just another burger place? This place just opened recently and I can definitely see the potential of this place. It’s a neat and retro/vintaged burger joint with some decent burgers. Food is served on a retro/vintage tray which adds to the gourmet feeling. There’s quite a selection on this menu, the starters selection is quite good and varied, didn’t expect to find fish options (scampi and fish’n’chips).

So what did we have:

Simpleton burger: It is what it says on the tin, a simple burger. NB I asked for the beef patty to be really well done which is why my burger looks a bit on the charred side (blasphemy to some of you, I know). The beef patties are generous and of quite good quality, but aren’t the biggest that we’ve had. The bun is a brioche bun and it was a tad drier than I would’ve liked.

Smoky barbecue: Turkey bacon and a full smokey burger. The BBQ flavour wasn’t too overpowering and the whole burger is constructed quite well.

I’ve also heard that the Firecracker burger is quite good too (nice sauce!).

Muddy fries: Chilli on fries and cheese, what’s not to love! These are big chips not fries which is more satisfying definitely but maybe fries would make this a killer side. Some of the chips here were slightly undercooked.

Fries basket are quite standard, long, thin and not too oily.


Food – 3/5 The burgers are quite average

Service – 5/5 The staff here are so friendly and very accommodating, hope it stays like this even as it gets more popular.

Value – 4/5 Not badly priced, set us back around a tenner each but we had a burger each and shared a large starter. If you are eligible for NHS discount…. you’ve got 10% off!

Venue  – 3/5 It’s quite out of the way but google maps should do the job. The actual place is clean and has a nice deco theme going. We love the graffiti outside.

SAS – 2/5 There’s no real burger place in the whole area and with students and hospital staff buzzing around everywhere this is an option to settle your burger craving.

No alcohol/non halal meat is served here.

Overall – 17/25

Review by Salt

81 Cavell Street, Whitechapel, LondonE1 2BQ