The Urban Chocolatier, Whitechapel

Tucked in just off Whitechapel and Bricklane The Urban Chocolatier is another addition to the ever growing halaloodie specialist dessert destination.

Like many others it has an extensive menu offering various mocktails, hot drinks, milkshakes and desserts.

With plenty to choose from we went for the choco loco waffle (all waffles come with either vanilla ice cream or whipped cream), cookie dough, chocolate souffle, apple crumble and for drinks had the urban chai and daiquiri.

The waitress serving us was nice and patient enough to go through quite a few of the desserts and drinks on the menu before we made our choices.

The cookie dough was very thin and nicely balanced taste to it without being too indulgent or sweet. Depending on what you prefer this may not be your cup of tea and you may be disappointed if you’re expecting something similar to what you get from Pizza Hut. The presentation was cute and elegant with a small cup in the middle holding the scoop of vanilla ice cream which was nice and creamy.

The waffle was disappointing. It looked really good but it had a crunchy outer layer which never turned into a soft fluffy inside! That did make it a difficult eat though the toppings were nice.

With chocolate soufflés the first thing you look out for is a fluffy risen top. This came to our table collapsed unfortunately, but the taste was there. Nice and fluffy with gooey warm chocolate on the inside.

The apple crumble was a bit bland and the apples weren’t evenly cooked. It’s a sad fact that none of the dessert places we’ve been to sell freshly made apple crumble which really does this classic dessert justice!

The daiquiri had caught our attention as soon as the waitress brought it with its bright pink colour. It had a very sharp citrus taste to it which I liked, but the urban chai was not to our taste and felt like it was confused as to what flavour it wanted to bring across

The hot chocolate selection is extensive… you can choose from the purest white to the dirtiest dark chocolate blend. You can add in a syrup too for extra taste. The time I went, I had dark chocolate with ginger.

Overall it is definitely worth going to if you’re around East London and looking for a hot drink or a dessert to finish off your meal but the hunt for the haloodie dessert destination with the SAS factor continues…



Food: 2.5 –From what we had though some are a hit, some are a miss!

Service: 3.5 – Friendly staff, waitress was not familiar with all the menu and had to ask. You have to go up to the till and pay. Food came promptly.

Value: 3 – Pretty much what you would expect.

Venue: 2.5 – Good location if you’re around Whitechapel/Bricklane area, in a small road so make sure you have your smart phone helping you with directions. Interior doesn’t standout.

SAS factor 4 – Lots of options available which you may not get in other similar dessert places. The hot chocolate gives this place an extra something

No alcohol/non halal meat is served here.

Total- 15.5/25

Review by Morts

9 Davenant Street, London, E1 5NB, E-mail:, Tel: 020 7377 8049