Carom, Soho

So, I’ve walked past this restaurant, among the many others on Wardour Street. But, for some reason this one has always been one on my list to try, especially since I found out it is halal.

From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, the service was impeccable. The staff take your coats and offer you a seat in the ‘bar and nibbles’ area whilst waiting for your company. The whole restaurant has a particularly trendy feel, but I guess that’s what you expect in a Central London location.

We had a rather attentive (almost too attentive) waiter, who sadly, wasn’t too familiar with the menu. At first, we wanted to opt for the ‘Navgraha Feast’ which accompanied 9 tapas style curries presented in a unique Maharaja style dish (I peaked over at the table next to us). But, because we weren’t able to choose as those curries were pre-set, we decided against it.

Instead we opted for another sharing option of 3.5ft long chicken skewers served with bukhara naan and raita, and it’s safe to say this did definitely not disappoint. From presentation, to taste, and to accompaniments it was totally worth it. The chicken is definitely high up on the list of the best I’ve ever had, and to my surprise it was plenty for the three of us.

We also ordered one meat and one vegetarian curry with a bread basket; Chennai Chicken Curry and the Pumpkin Paneer Haveli. The Chennai Chicken apparently is a hometown specialty hence I was intrigued to try it. And though it comes across as a normal looking curry, it doesn’t have the usual tomato and masala-rich taste. It was predominated by a flavour I can’t quite grasp, possible fenugreek? But nevertheless, a flavour worth the specialty status. I feel even the bread basket is worthy of a compliment, it consisted of a different variety of chapattis, rotis and naans, all of which were light and fluffy!

There was a small selection of non-alcoholic mocktails if you didn’t quite fancy the heaviness of a lassi, which is always a winner in my eyes (it is not featured on their online menu). I chose the apple mojito, which in actual fact was just a mojito because I didn’t really taste the apple.


Food – 4/5 – a high rating simply because I enjoyed the sharing chicken skewer so much, and the specialty dishes seemed to be authentic.

Service – 4/5 – I can’t really fault the service, but the waiter we had was unable to answer a few of our questions about exactly what was halal and he wasn’t 100% sure if the drinks we ordered were alcohol-free. (He double checked with colleagues though, don’t fret!)

Value – 3.5/5 – You can probably expect to pay around £25-30 per person, with drinks, if you choose to go here. Which does seem to be average for central London dining.

Venue – 4/5 – I don’t really know how it could be better. It’s split into a ‘cafe’ type area, a sofa seating area for drinks, a bar, and dining table and seats for dinner. It’s well thought out, although a little dark at times. Oh, and it seemed to have gotten really loud all of a sudden around 8-9pm with the influx of people and music.

SAS – 4/5 – The main SAS factor for Carom has got to be the well thought out presentation of the food, and the service. Certain grilled dishes (I think) also includes a little presentation by the waiters with blazing fire. The ambiance of the restaurant makes you forget you’re in an Indian restaurant, but more so in a trendy London hangout.

Non halal meat is not served here but alcohol is.

Overall – 19.5/25

Review by Azzizi

Address:100 Wardour Street, London W1F 0TN
Telephone no: 020 7314 4002


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