Pie Factory, Aldgate East

Pie Factory, Aldgate East This is comfort food at its height! If you are a fan of food network or obsessed with not having a soggy bottom when you are cooking (pastry bottom guys), then this will hit a spot. This place isn’t just a pie factory, there are other things on the menu such as Lasagne and more Asian style dishes (it’s Aldgate) and a Full English. Right opposite East London Mosque, this nicely tucked away has great comfort food, when winter comes this place will be packed! We ate pie 🙂 and were definitely full. Steak and Mushroom with mushy peas and roasted veg. Chicken and Mushroom with pushy peas and mash. They have a whole variety of pies from your standard chicken and mushroom to the more desi style chicken tikka masala pie. Each to their own tastes, some might say it needs to stay a bit more ‘British’ but if Chicken Tikka is one of the most popular dishes in Britain, then having a Chicken Tikka Masala pie is innovation! Being in such an area like East London, they need to cater for the local population and let’s face it they will not be satisfied unless there is a little bit of spice/masala and for the Bengali-versed the naga in the vicinity of their food. My confession is that I ordered chilli sauce on the side, just can’t help it. Each pie comes with two sides and a boat of gravy. The gravy is your typical “Ahhh Bisto” type of gravy, clearly it’s not home made but sometimes you crave that distinct artificial flavour. The pies are really well cooked, no soggy bottom nor where they too mushy or gelatinous in the middle.


Food – 3.5/5 For a pie shop, there is a huge variety. The food is really well cooked and has a homely feel to its preparation and presentation. The coffee was slightly disappointing and I feel they need to improve their barista skills.

Service – 4/5 Very friendly staff

Value – 4.5/5 for around a fiver you have a really good substantial meal, I didn’t eat all day after this. Really good value! As a principle they should offer student discount though!

Venue  – 3/5 On the main road as you are coming from either Whitechapel of Aldgate East

SAS – 3/5 This place is more of a cafe but it definitely has a bit of SAS factor because it’s a place serving a typical ‘English’ dish but halal.

No alcohol/non halal meat is served here.

Overall – 18/25

http://www.piefactory.net 103 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JE

Review by Salt