Moroccan Fish, Ladbroke Grove

Golborne Road is the hidden gem behind the hustle of Portobello Road, known amongst the Arabs as ‘Souq Al Maghariba’ (The Souq/Market of the Moroccans) because here you will find a little piece of Marrakech. Along the whole street there are small bakeries and there is one Moroccan shop that you can buy tagines and a lot more Moroccan produce from (it’s on the left hand side half way down the road).

The whole street is usually filled with all sorts of stalls from Caribbean, Kebabs and Moroccan food. Normally, there are a few fish stalls but this time I went there was only one chap creating smoke. Walk further down Golborne Road and you’ll find a blue tent. Usually you can choose what type of fish etc but I guess it depends on the supply and the catch for the day. The fish is fresh and you can’t even smell that horrible fishy-ness smell that often accompanies day old marine animals.

So what we had:


Wild Sea Bass: Cooked to perfection, takes around 15 minutes to cook on the flat grill. The marinade on the fish I guessed was a combination of basic marinade with a bit of turmeric and parsley (only a guess though!). This type of fish has easy-to-remove bones so don’t worry about getting your hands dirty (even though I’d recommend it)

Sardines: Usually I don’t like sardines but again really well cooked, you just eat right through it. Don’t worry about bones, you don’t need to take them out with sardines they just melt in your mouth anyway.

Prawns: Amazing.

Rice and Salad: The rice was a kind of mixed/paella type of rice (american rice) with bits of vegetables and cooked in a spiced up stew. Fresh salad that really complements the fish with a dill dressing. You can ask for a serving of hot chilli stew/sauce that really does have a kick to it- totally didn’t expect it! Bunch of grilled small peppers and tomatoes also add to the whole dish.

This place is a true gem. Food hygiene rating being high too, relax and enjoy the food. People were lining up to get seats on the pavement and all the passersby by you could tell were envious- everyone was enjoying it and not a single bad word. The main chef is a hilarious man and just watching the banter between him and the customers while he cooks is enough entertainment. You can go there, order and takeaway in a box if you’d prefer to get your hands dirty within the reach of a sink but I’d recommend that you revel in the atmosphere. Having been to a lot of different street food places around the world, this is one of the closest it’s ever been in London. It’s getting a high rating because it is a must go and even if you aren’t the biggest seafood fan, this may just change your mind.


Food – 5/5 –  Really good food. Probably the best fish I’ve had. Fresh and you will finish your plate (it’s massive by the way)

Service – 4/5 – Friendly service despite it being basically a street food stall.

Value – 4/5 – For under a tenner each (including drink) you will fill yourself up to the brim. I didn’t eat the whole day after I had this for lunch. The servings are generous and I don’t think you’d find that quality, quantity and value in any restaurant

Venue  – 3/5 – It’s a bit out of the way but go there once and you will be going again. You may have to wait for some seats particularly if you go at a busy time. There’s a nice mosque nearby too which is quite nice.

SAS – 5/5 – Loved this placed! Definitely has the SAS factor.

Overall – 21/25

Review by Salt.

NB. Don’t think it’s open on Thursday and Sunday- I went on a Saturday so that’s probably the best day to go. Definitely explore Portobello Road too if you’ve never been (a whole post is needed for that! Coming soon)

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