Neon Burger, Dalston Junction

Neon burger… this place has created quite a bit of hype, mainly on Instagram! In the somewhat ‘beautiful’ depths of Hackney, lies a cute little burger joint. Hackney/Dalston/Stoke Newington are all upcoming food areas particularly for the haloodie. 

Okay so Neon. The menu is pretty straightforward, which is good! A good burger should be simple and not over extravagant (Link > Menu v10) When we went we had a Neon burger and the Munchting Burger – can I just say the honey wasabi mayo is good! The patties were generous and it took a while to finish off the burger. You are guaranteed a full tummy. The Neon burger is their standard burger and it was quite good. Me (Salt), not such a big fan of burgers on the whole – but this did hit the spot. I know that Azzizi enjoyed her Munchting Burger. The Munchting burger has caramelised onions, mortadella (basically a salami substitute), cheese, leaves and the Neon mayo sauce.

Fries and onion rings were pretty standard and weren’t oily, which is always a good thing. Buff Hello Wings were good, the generous BBQ sauce made everything sticky and it tasted good with the fries. The chicken wings are decent and meaty, not just fried skin!

The brioche bun was perfect because the lightness of the bread complemented nicely the thick beef patty.

This is far from your standard burger from the local takeaway mainly because it’s sophisticated yet totally satisfying! The burger was well made and was of good quality beef, what more can you ask for? Sophisticated burger in the heart of Hackney.

Love my Fentimans, so if a place serves that it’s won some points already. We went during Ramadan so couldn’t eat that much, but definitely going back for another visit. On the second visit, the milkshakes are generous! Had a salted caramel milkshake that just topped everything off perfectly and really filled you up.. We shared the wings, fries and shake and was still Good value.

Word of advice, ask for a knife because I guarantee you won’t be able to take a bite from the whole thing!


Food – 3/5 –  Good quality meat is hard to find in a burger! Burger was made well and tasted great.

Service – 5/5 – Really good. We pre-ordered when we booked a table, food was there in about 10 mins and staff are really friendly. Plus I think we mistakenly walked off with a bag of onion rings that were meant for someone else (Sorry Neon if you are reading this!)

Value – 4/5 – The burgers are well priced, especially for the quality you get. Some of the sides are a bit over priced but that’s generally the case with most restaurants/burger joints

Venue  – 3/5 – The actual place is nice and well decorated but quite small so don’t think it’s ideal for big groups. It is on the main road which is great but you’ll have to either drive/take a bus from the nearest overground stations.

SAS – 3/5 – This place is a gem serving a sophisticated burger. The family run feel to it makes it even more appealing because the TLC taken to prepare your meal is shown through the service and food itself. Definitely worth the trek.

Overall – 18/25

PS. Apparently if you instagram/tweet/# about the place you’ll receive 10% off! The tim we went  during Ramadan we totally didn’t realise- blinded by our hunger