The Crepe Shop, Whitechapel

The Crepe Shop, is a cute little eatery in the heart of Whitechapel. Obviously, they make Crepes and serve quite good coffee. It’s a small place but the decor gives it a real retro feel. There’s also an Art Gallery downstairs, exhibiting local work. Wifi is also available, making this a possible study zone.

I quite like the coffee here and the different latte art gives it the extra flair. The menu is pretty standard but there are a variety of sweet and savoury crepes i.e. nutella variations, apple and cinnamon, maple syrup, chicken and cherry tomatoes, spinach/ricotta/sundried tomatoes and halal English Breakfast crepes. They also serve soup (I’ve had the minestrone but they also have chicken soup) with a yummy toasted cheesy crepe. A selections of baked goods and also available such as muffins, brownies and some authentic Italian cannoli and sfogliatelle. Food is fresh which is always a plus! Prices aren’t bad at all and if you are student, you have an upper hand with a discount.

There are quite a few similar cafes in the area, but this place is a bit more special. If you are in the area, it’s definitely worth a try. The coffee is good, staff are really friendly and they have Sicilian Cannoli!

103 Fieldgate St E1 IJU


Food – 3/5 – you can’t really go wrong with crepes but it’s more of a cafe than restaurant mainly serving crepes

Service – 5/5 – very friendly staff!

Value – 4/5 – good value + student discount

Venue – 3/5 – great decor and the place has a good feel to it. It’s a little out of the way unless you know where it is.

SAS – 3/5 – it’s a cafe with a great feel to it and I personally really like this place.

Overall: 18/25

Review by Salt