Makan, Portobello Road

If you’ve ever been to Malaysia or Indonesia, then this place will take you back in an instant. From the decor and the way you order food to the actual food itself, you could be back in Kuala Lumpur having a stick of Sate ayam.

This is a simple and humble cafe/restaurant in the heart of Portobello Road. Food here is prepared and cooked in a homely fashion. The decor, varied Eastern and Islamic art, adds to the authenticity and ‘homeliness’ of this place. The menu isn’t particularly varied in comparison to your standard restaurant and you order in a kind of fast-food-like-fashion but that doesn’t mean the food is anything less than good quality! This cafe has a sister branch in Paddington somewhere (will hopefully fish it out soon!).

So the food… They have a selection of spring rolls, samosas and crackers that you can nibble on before your main meal.

What did we have?

Spring rolls – you have to try really hard to get these wrong and these were pretty standard to be honest so not much to say for these veggie pastry packages

Black pepper prawn crackers – homemade prawn crackers that were much nicer than the low quality almost ghost-like-white crackers you usually get

Sate ayam (chicken satay) with chips (because I didn’t fancy the rice cubes just then) – this was a good dish and really delicious satay. The chicken was really well cooked and the peanut sauce was spot on.

Nasi Lemak – a traditional dish of chicken cooked in a coconut sauce with white rice and (sounds weird) but peanuts and tiny dried fish. This was cooked really well.

Noodle dishes (Mee Goreng) one seafood and one chicken dish – well cooked and flavoured dish! There are different variations of the same noodle dish i.e. vegetarian, seafood and meat options.

My only regret is that I didn’t have the The Tarik so I’m definitely going back for that.. and the satay of course.


Food – 4/5 – the food was authentic Malay and was high quality! This is more of a diner/cafe place so the variation isn’t outstanding but it’s enough for you to think about what you want

Service – 4/5 – service was very good and staff was very friendly

Value – 4/5 – for about £10 pp you can fill yourself up

Venue – 3.5/5 – decor here is simple but has a homely feeling in the heart of Portobello Rd but it is not particularly close to any tube station

SAS – 4/5 – this place is a gem because the food is simple, so authentic and satisfying!

Overall – 19.5/25

270 Portobello Road
Notting Hill
London W10 5TY
United Kingdom

Tel: 02089605169

Review done by Salt