Penang, Westfield White City

I bumped in to Penang by complete chance when I was looking for something to eat in Westfield’s, Meat & Co was fully booked and Penang was the closest restaurant to it which from the outside at least served halal chicken. Pleasantly to our surprise the staff confirmed to us that the menu had changed and the only thing that was not halal was the duck. Penang is based on Malaysian street food combined with Thai, Indian and Chinese dishes, the restaurant has nice decor inside to reflect this.

We ordered the following:

– Ayam Satay– which is chicken satay skewers. They were probably the best chicken satay skewers I have had, they are not your typical peanut butter drenched chicken pieces. 

– Mama Zuhri’s Chicken Curry with Jasmine rice –  this is a coconut and spice based chicken curry. This was nice as neither the coconut or spice was overbearing

– Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang – this is beef with spice and coconut, though it is very different to the chicken curry. There were nice flavours in this dish and the beef wasnt overcooked. Do note I didn’t read that were anchovies served on the side with this dish, the sight of them may not be appealing to some.

– Half Ayam – this is half a chicken marinated in turmeric, garlic, lemongrass and ginger which is served on stir fry vegetables. I didn’t particularly like this dish, there was a lack of flavor in the chicken and it was dry.

– Drinks – Lime & Mint and Bananarama – the lime & mint was incredible, its a must order, not too sweet or too sour.


Food – 4/5 – the drinks add an extra 0.5 from what would be a 3.5

Service – 3.5/5 – service was good, didn’t have to wait too long for the food to come out

Value – 3.5/5 – you can fill yourself for around £15-20

Venue – 4.5/5 – I really liked the simple yet colourful decor inside and its in a convenient location if you are around Westfield

SAS – 4/5 – It’s one of the better Pan-Asian restaurant, it has a good blend of cuisines. Though the Lime & Mint isn’t particularly a specialty of Penang, it is definitely the best ‘mint lemonade’ I have had outside of Dubai.

Overall – 19.5/25

Review by Sheikhy


Southern Terrace, Westfield London

W12 7GA

 020 8735 5870