Bintang, Camden

I came across Bintang when searching the web for halal pan-Asian restaurants. The Bintang menu seemed to have a lot of variety and the location was in Camden town, so it was easy to access by public transport.

We ordered the following for starters:

– Salt and pepper squid – this was ok, they cooked up a mini octopus too. But it didn’t taste as good as a calamari from Busaba.
– Prawn toast – disappointing, it were as if it were bathed in oil.
– Korean Chicken wings – good size but very very salty.
– Chicken satay – very ordinary, not as good as Penang.


– Chicken Gilli Gilli – the only flavour we could taste was garlic.

– Beef Bulgogi – Beef was overcooked, hence it was too chewy.

– Beef Pad Thai – I had been looking forward to this because personally I am a fan of the prawn pad thai sold in Busaba. However this was anything but that, absolutely disgusting. I had to explain to the waiter there was a very ‘bloody like’ taste to the dish, which was weird because the beef was again overcooked. So the waiter kindly agreed to change the dish.

– Ikan Bintang – this literally comes whole, so you do have to remove the skin and backbone of the Sea bass (which can be unsightly). Again the dish was completely bland.

On top of this the venue is cramped and when the door is closed I felt as if I was going to suffocate with the fumes let off from the kitchen.

Aside from that I did like the lychee mojito.


Food – 1.5/5 – looks great, but it unfortunately the taste doesn’t match up.

Service – 3.5/5 – the wait for the food wasn’t too long, the waiter kindly agreed to change the Pad Thai Dish

Value – 0/5 – came up to around £20 per head, but there was literally no value for money whatsoever.

Venue – 2/5 – it was too crammed and lacked basic ventilation, I do however like some of the art work in the venue and the location of the restaurant.

SAS – 0/5 – unfortunately there is nothing I can take away from this in a positive light which is unique about Bintang.

Overall – 7/25

Review by Sheikhy

93 Kentish Town Rd

London NW1 8NY

020 7267 2197