Salt’n Pepper, Leicester Square

For all too long authentic Pakistani/Indian restaurants in London transition to bland so called ‘curry houses’. But I heard many good things of Salt’n Pepper, they have a branch in Lahore and apparently the food is the same as it is there.

For drinks we ordered mango lassi and skunjbi (not exactly sure how you spell it, but it is a sweet lemon juice). I have never seen any restaurant sell it so kudos to them for having that on offer. For mains we ordered: king prawns, mixed grill and kharai gosht with naan’s. The food was good though there was nothing particularly outstanding, I did like the fact that it all and an authentic Pakistani taste.

Overall Salt’n Pepper is one of the best places to go to if you want Pakistani food in a premium part of London. But do expect to pay a premium price with it.


Food 3.5/5 – good pakistani food, but not anything incredible

Service 4/5 – food was bought out quickly, polite staff

Value 2.5/5 – the bill came to approx £25 per person, same food would cost £10-12 per person elsewhere. But the location has to be considered.

Venue 4/5 – restaurant is right near the heart of Leicester square. Decor inside the restaurant is ok too.

SAS 4/5 – an authentic Pakistani restaurant pulled off right near the heart of Leicester square, I like the fact skunjbi was served too.

Overall 18/25

Review by Sheikhy

32 Orange St, London WC2H

0207 930 2939