Beirut Nights, Park Royal

Beirut Nights of one of the newer Shisha cafés to open in london. Though most Shisha cafés have pretty standard food, however the quality of the food along with the desserts here is unique to other places. We frequently visit Beirut Nights so we have tried a variety of the courses on offer. The roast lamb has a generous shank of tender meat, which has rice with mince and pine nuts along with a broth. The beef burger is made using gourmet beef and it also has halloumi cheese inside it too. The Farruj Mussahab is marinated baby chicken, though it is listed to be ‘boneless’ it does contain some bones. These dishes are to the standard of a good restaurant. Beirut Nights also had a waffle and crepe maker, so there is no cheap toasted waffles served. Again the quality and taste of these desserts is better than most dedicated dessert places. However on the downside there could be more variety in the toppings to the crepes and waffles. The red velvet cake is nice, frosted cream cheese is used opposed to very sweet icing in the cake. Though this review is not for the Shisha, we must add the variety of Shisha offered by Beirut Nights is unmatched by another other Shisha cafe in London. There are many accessories to choose from to enhance the smoking experience and there are many Starbuzz and Al-Fakher flavours to choose from. I have smoked the exclusive Meduse shisha and it was pretty incredible.


Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5 – polite staff, great management. But do book in advance on Fridays and weekends.

Value – 4/5 – approx £30 per person for food, Shisha, tea and dessert

Venue 4/5 – nice presentation, but it would require getting by car. Park Royal station is quite a long walk away, but there will be many parking spaces available. It would be good if the shisha vicinity was expanded. There is a good vibe here and don’t be surprised if you bump in to a few Arsenal FC Players.

SAS – 5/5 – you can’t ask for much more. The meduse shisha beats all other shisha experiences.

Overall 21/25

Review by Sheikhy

Beirut Nights 19 Abbey Rd London NW10 7RB

0208 961 2101