Saikei, North Greenwich


For many years now I have been coming to Saikei (formerly known as Peninsula) for Dim Sum on a Sunday. It is located near to The O2 and it has a holiday inn above it. Unfortunately the meat isn’t halal but thankfully there is a large variety of seafood to choose from: prawn, scallop, lobster, squid and more.

The deep fried prawn spring rolls are packed with flavour as are the paper wrapped prawns, which are slightly more dry. The prawn chow mein is probably the best I’ve had in London while the seafood hao fun has a great texture to it. Salt and pepper prawns taste great when accompanied by their noodles (not pictured) which are very thin, or alone with sweet and sour sauce.

It is essential to have the Chinese tea during the meal, it tastes like Chinese silver needle tea, which is a white tea. To finish things I tend to order coconut custard steamed buns, but do order them in advance as they take a while to make. Alternatively I order the mango jelly (not pictured), which is nice as it tastes like it has been made from alphonso mango.

Do explicitly state to the waiter/waitress ‘seafood only’ so they talk you through the dishes if you are unsure. Though Saikei isn’t located far from The O2 it is awkward to get there unless you drive.


Food 3.5/5 – it would be a 4 if everything was halal

Service 3/5 – sometimes it can be hard to communicate with the staff. Food tends to be bought out within 15 minutes.

Value 3/5 – it costs approximately £15/20 per head for something like the above, but if you want pan fried fish it can be as much as £40 per head

Venue 3.5/5 – Saikei is very spacious and it has great decor. Though it can be tricky to get there if you don’t drive.

SAS 3.5/5 some great dishes, authentic feel.

Overall – 16.5/25

Review by Sheikhy


Holiday Inn Express, 85 Bugsby’s Way,

Greenwich , London SE10 0GD

020 8858 2028/ 020 8269 1638