Cocochan, James Street W1

Ahh Cocochan, you are truly a hidden gem. I have to admit, I’m not really a fan of sushi or any type of undercooked meat/fish! Cocochan is a pan-asian restaurant serving sushi, dim sum and other various dishes.

Along a small but quite popular alley just near Selfridges, Oxford Street, there is a small dimly lit restaurant called Cocochan. I fell in love with this place. We originally went for the dim sum but unfortunately the steamer was broken that day so we didn’t get exactly what we had planned for but it was still far from disappointing. It’s not too big as in space wise and the deco isn’t particularly glamorous or exciting but their cups were really cute! The portions aren’t very big but we ordered a selection of dishes and we were quite full by the end of it. If it was Sheikh though, he would’ve probably ordered double the amount… but no comment there!

Anywayyyy, what did we order?

Salmon & Avocado Hoso Maki – Standard sushi, I’m not a huge fan of it generally but there wasn’t anything wrong with this 
California Ebi Ura Maki   – this was really good, the only sushi I actually enjoy
Tiger Prawn Tempura, Spicy Mayo  – can’t really go wrong with this, I think everyone loves tempura prawns
Wok Grilled Black Pepper beef Sirloin, Asparagus & Baby Shallot with a side of  Egg Fried Rice   – this was a good call, the black pepper sauce was so delicious and the beef was cooked perfectly very tender but not undercooked in any way. By far, my favourite dish of the evening with the california not far behind 
Crab Cakes, Jalapeño Mayo & Thai Salsa Salad – a bit too mushy for me but was still good and the salad was a nice balance 
Chocolate Fondant & Pistachio Ice Cream  – nice end to a great dinner, nothing amazing but the pistachio ice cream hit the spot 

By this point I was too full to drink some tea otherwise I would’ve definitely gone for one of their pots!


Food 4/5 – Really enjoyed the food! Shame about the dim sum, but there will definitely be a next time

Service 4/5 – Friendly and quite fast service

Value 4/5 – prices you would expect in the area but really good quality food (roughly 30 pounds per head)

Venue 4/5 – in the heart of central London

SAS 3/5 – gem of a place, simple but effective deco, great location

Overall 19/20

Review by Salt

38-40 James St, London W1U 1EU
020 7486 1000