Red Iron Burgers, Uxbridge

Red Iron Burgers received much praise from many people I know, as it is located in the complete opposite side of London to where I live, I really hoped it would live up to my expectations.

I have eaten here twice now and I ordered their signature Red Iron Burger on both occasions, I have also been able to try their hot chicken burger. There isn’t much difference between getting the meat cooked medium or medium-well, there is a slight pink, no red shades in the patty.

The Red Iron Burger is incredible, the flavours and the quality of meat is excellent. The meat is a gourmet patty juicy, full of flavour and it has no hard bits inside it. There is a slight sweetness to the RIB which is complemented really well with all the different flavours of the burger. The bun is toasted and the bread itself is very different to your usual kebab shop sesame seed bun.

The Lamb burger is incredible too, it is quite Desi-fied but it works really well. It tastes almost like kebab meat in a burger but it’s much better than that. There is a choice to have sweet potato chips instead of usual fries, whatever floats your boat really both are good.

As for the starters, the buffalo wings are excellent, but the nachos weren’t particularly amazing and the olives are too salty. The milkshake was very good, the ‘man size’ milkshake is huge, the only let down is the lack of variety.


Food 4.5/5 – The pound for pound burger champion in London

Service 4/5 – Very good, the staff were friendly and would check to see if everything was ok during the meal. There is no long wait for food

Value 4/5 – Quality food, you can fill yourself with around £10-£12

Venue 3.5/5 – It is located close to uxbridge station, the tables are a little too small

SAS 4/5 – Very impressive overall, London really lacks places of such quality which have good value. If only it could be located more towards central London.

Overall 20/25

Review by Sheikhy and Salt

280 High St, Uxbridge UB8 1LQ

01895 274624