Vantra, Tottenham Court Road

This place is halal but it is also vegan! Loving my vegetables and all things healthy, this place is a little hidden jewel. When he told me he was brewing my camomile tea, I was won over. Who brews tea these days?! It’s usually a bag with hot water.

This is a gluten free friendly. Halal friendly. Kosher friendly. And probably just all round friendly….

Anyway, so this place is a basically tea shop with a vegan buffet. You go in, pay, sit down and eat. There are two options, you either get a plate and you pay for how heavy your plate is or you spend around 6/7 pounds for a box and you fill it up. First time, we got plates. Next time, I will be getting a box! This place was pricey for vegetables and the drinks aren’t that cheap either. They have a range of healthy drinks and teas but for the area and the quality you get, it’s not that bad. My camomile tea cost 2 pounds and if you compare it with the near coffee shops i.e. Pret/Starbucks/EAT it’s pretty much similar in price. The plates we both got were within the range 10-13 pounds which is quite expensive. The food was filling but after a couple of hours, we were both hungry again!

The buffet consisted of different types of salad, vegetables, chick pea moussaka, chick pea and bulgur wheat, different types of daal, brown rice, broccoli soup and some other things incl condiments.

It’s a small place but the interior is definitely unique. The tables and chairs are made from solid parts of wood and you feel like you’ve just walked into an indie era.


Food – 4/5 – the quality of the food is very high and variety of food is good for a vegan buffet, there are some imaginative recipes. The drinks menu is very varied and for you real health freaks, they have all sorts of healthy shakes.

Service – 3/5 levelling up with the vibe, the staff are really great here.

Value – 2.5/5 – the food quality is high but it is still quite pricey for, well, vegetables. Definitely go for a box!

Venue – 3/5 – in the heart of London, this is a cute place and the decor is quite different

SAS – 4/5 – a high score because this place is truly unique and would really recommend it if you are a fan of healthy eating

Overall  16.5/25

Review by Salt