Mexican Grille, Stepney Green

One thing you have to say about this place is, you cannot take out the Asian from any East London

So this place has accrued quite a bit of hype if I may say. For a place in Stepney Green, it’s not bad at all.

So what did we have?
Chilli fries with Jalapeños – this was really good. Not too cheesy, not too spicy and not too much meat.
Mixed grill – the meat was well cooked. Chicken had a real mexican feel to it, Lamb chops were pretty standard but very well cooked, Sausages were a bit of an odd addition but didn’t mind it too much. Served on a sizzling dish, it worked well.
Tacos – these were a real disappointment. Basically curry in a taco, so if you come here don’t order this. Stick to the burgers/mixed grill

Despite the ‘desified’ tacos this place is definitely a place to go. Had I been boring and stuck with a bog standard burger or ordered another steak, I’m confident that I would’ve rated it much higher!

Food – 2/5 – Standard mixed grill, great chilli fries but not so great tacos.

Service – 4/5 – Very friendly staff and make sure you ask for the hats to wear before!

Value – 4/5 – 2 mains and a starter for around 20 pounds

Venue- 2/5 – Stepney Green isn’t THE nicest place but it is conveniently located opposite the station and the decor isn’t too bad at all (you do feel you may be in the Wild Wild West though)

SAS – 3/5 – The tacos let it down but the place for where it is, still worth a try if you are in Stepney and stuck for somewhere to go

Overall 15 /25