Roosters Peri Peri, Bromley

I found Roosters a couple of years ago when me and my brother were wandering around Southampton trying to find Halal food. At first sight it was almost too good to be true, but it was actually real.

I find the Southampton roosters funny as there is always white girls manning the tills whilst Pakistani men are cooking the food. There are many Roosters branches and the one I now visit most is in Bromley. There’s are a few Roosters located around London, the one we’ve also reviewed is in Mile End.

I have come across many Nandos style chicken places, but Roosters really is great. Salt personally hates Nandos, but she enjoyed Roosters!The variety of food and spices is pretty much the same as Nandos but the rice itself is not as nice. The chicken is always cooked to perfection and is slightly more tender than Nandos. The burgers there are so well cooked, meat is moist, very good amount of burger not anaemic looking in any way and not too fatty. It’s also quite clean which is a major bonus for a restaurant or even if it’s a quick bite to eat! Not a huge burger fan, but Salt really enjoyed her burger here (Standard burger with halloumi cheese)

If you like the rice to be spicy ask them to use some of their chicken sauce on the rice, it tastes great! Some branches like the Mile End, there’s quite a lot of space to sit down. Don’t expect the steak to be a gem, this place is basically a sophisticated and better quality chicken restaurant-takeaway shop after all!


Food – 4/5 – Direct rivals Nandos. Unlike Nandos there are none of their own brand sauces.

Service – 4/5 – Very friendly staff and polite. Food is served far quicker than Nandos.

Value – 4/5 – Overall it is cheaper than Nandos. Halloumi cheese is only 50p!

Venue  – N/A  – as it varies between depending on what branch you visit.

SAS – 2/5 – Nothing particularly ‘stand-out’, everything is delivered as you would expect from a ‘Nandos equivalent’ restaurant. However though there is a rise in places serving ‘peri-peri’ chicken, many of them lack quality, but not in the case of Roosters.

Overall 14/20

Review by Sheikhy and Salt