Jimmy’s restaurant and grill, The O2 North Greenwich

So Jimmy’s, it has everything you want in terms of cuisine but the quality isn’t just there. For buffet standards, this isn’t bad at all but when you compare it a proper restaurant, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.

This place is great for a large group with varying needs. The place is big and whatever cuisine you’re in the mood for, it’s there. And on top of that, pretty much everything is halal so you can feel free in what you choose. Apart from quite a few of the desserts, there weren’t many restrictions on what you can and cannot eat. There’s Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, salad, sushi and even fried chicken and chips! You are pretty much spoilt for choice for food.

Despite the low-ish rating, this place isn’t at all bad for a buffet.

ADVICE: Don’t eat before you go.





Food – 3/5  – Not amazing in terms of food quality but lots of variety 
Service – 3/5 – Friendly staff but you may have to cause a fire until you get some attention from the chefs and if it’s a busy period and you are a big group i.e. Christmas booking is a good idea
Value – 3/5 – eat as much as you like for around 15 (more expensive on certain days-do check)
Venue – 4/5 – its in The O2, good transport links and it has a huge capacity
SAS – 4/5 – halal buffet in a great location, not bad at all! 
Overall 17/25

Review by Salt & Sheikhy

Millennium Way