Texas Grill, Southampton

I go up to Southampton approximately once a month to see my brother, though there is not much variety to choose from in terms of halal food, Southampton does have a few pretty good halal joints to check out and this is most certainly one of them.

I have tried most things and if I get the negatives out of the way first.. Do not buy the ribs, they aren’t nice at all. However their Zingi tower burger is incredible, quite possibly the best chicken burger I have come across, simply put it is a Zinger burger on steroids. The chicken goujons, wings, (the mango and lime flavour is great) and mozzarella sticks are great starters. Their beef burgers are good too, but they are like a better version of a kebab shops quarter/half pounder so it’s not something unique.

The peri grilled chicken from here is also a must try and again the mango and lime flavour is recommended. The staff are friendly I’m not sure if that’s because they know my brother or if they are just generally like that, but no complaints

If you are around Southampton this should be your primary food stop.


Food 3.5/5 – good variety and quality, large portions

Service 3/5

Value 4/5 – you can fill yourself up well below £10

SAS 3.5/5 – it would also do great in london, rare to find a place that serves good burgers and good grilled chicken. Nice theme, good seating space.

Overall 14/20

Review by Sheikhy