Lebanese grill, Elephant & Castle

Lebanese grill is a very small take away located in Elephant & Castle. It’s not the most typical place to have a Lebanese food joint, plus for a take away you could never expect this quality, nor does it have a typical ‘bland’ taste Lebanese food tends to have.

I have eaten from here from a number of occasions and have tried most of the food on offer. The shawarma’s tend to run out early evening, but it’s really not the worst case scenario if it has run out. What I particularly love is the Kofte Kebab, but most of all…. The ‘No. 9’ this is half of a boneless chicken, grilled with their seasoning, served with chips, plain rice or for a pound extra spicy rice (but I advise to go for the chips) as well as salad (which I expect from all Kebab places). Also their garlic sauce is great!

The downside is that you may have to wait a while to get your food and this place is packed pretty much any time of the day, on the flip-side there is a limit as to how fast you can cook this food.

A side point the boss tends to take the orders, he serves the customers with a smile but sometimes (more so in the past) his workers are not treated with respect, though that won’t exactly affect you, I personally hate to see people treated in an inferior mannerism.

Since I started going here over a year ago I have seen the prices rise, but it still is good value for money. A large portion means it is a LARGE portion.


Food – 4.5/5 – I’ve never tasted anything quite like a ‘No. 9’

Service – 2.5/5 – generally everything is processed efficiently even in the packed and crammed area, but at times I have had to wait outside in the cold for a long period of time.

Value – 4/5 – you can fill you self up with approx £6-7 this was once £5.

SAS – 2/5 – small take away located pretty much in the middle of nowhere of Elephant & Castle, no seating.

Overall 13/20

Review by Sheikhy