Jerk City, Soho

I love jerk flavour and for a while I was trying to find a halal jerk chicken place. Jerk City is located along the side roads of Oxford street.

The place is very crammed and I honestly thought I was going to fall down the stairs when is needed to go to the toilet. That aside the place is full of Afro-Caribbean people hence you know the food is going to be authentic. I ordered the jerk chicken with rice & peas with a pineapple smoothie. The flavour of the chicken was great, hot and tangy, however not so sure about the pineapple smoothie, it had a cinnamon like taste. The chicken piece itself was big but for approx £9 I did hope to get half a chicken.

Overall I would recommend this place to those that are particularly fond of jerk chicken, or those that want to try something very different to the usual halal options available in london.


Food – 3.5/5 – it is what you hope to expect from a jerk chicken shop.

Service 3.5/5 – service was good, free dumplings are also served.

Value 3/5 – I did want a little more chicken, but nonetheless less a huge chicken piece was served, with a generous portion of rice for approx £9.

SAS 3.5/5 – very rare to get a halal Caribbean diner in a prime location in london. Don’t expect Jerk City to be a spacious and flashy restaurant, but I would recommend it to people who loves jerk chicken.

Overall 13.5/20