Bosphorus Kebabs, South Kensington

My friends told me Bosphorus Kebabs serves the best Doner Kebab around. I tend to stay clear of Doner due to the high fat content, however Bosphorus makes what is essentially a gourmet Doner, made from only the good of the meat. This place has been around for 40 years, it has also had numerous visits from celebrities, which can be seen from their wall of fame.

On both occasions I have come here I mixed grill (with extra Doner), this is a combination of Doner meat, Adana kebab and chicken kofte. Everything is cooked well, made of good quality meat and tastes great. There is absolutely no cartilage/ hard fat in any of the meats whatsoever. Though I have ordered the same thing twice, there is a lot of variety different meat on offer.

Chips are not served here and the place itself is very small so you may find it very difficult to find seating. Prices are relatively low considering you are getting an amazing kebab which is located a couple of blocks away from a Lamborghini show room.


Food – 4.5/5 – Bosphorus serves the real McCoy of Kebabs.

Service – 3.5/5 – friendly staff and they take payment after you have eaten.

Value – 5/5 – you can fill yourself up with £8-£10 in South Kensington.

SAS – 3/5 – the small and cramped vicinity lets it down and it’s not the most unique food you would find around town. My friend said he felt like he was back home in Iraq having a kebab. It is conveniently located 2 minutes away from the station.

Overall 16/20

Review by Sheikhy