Behesht, Harrow Road

I see Behesht as like the Tayyabs of Iranian food and I have eaten here on several occasions. Upon entering you will see a huge tandoor a lot of Iranian art work, small fish pools and last but not least a parrot by the waiting area.

I have been able to try a variety of food from Behesht, but I now just share a special mixed kebab, hummus and naan bread. The special mixed kebab consists of: lamb fillet, chicken fillet, chicken on the bone and minced lamb. If you order naan with the kebab they will put the meat over the naan, so that all the juices soak in, I personally love it but not everyone will. This kebab is very well priced at £26 which is very good value.

However the mixed grill isn’t as good as some other places, I tend to find that the chicken in the kebab isn’t as juicy as I would like and it tends to be slightly overcooked. I don’t expect Iranian food to be bursting with flavours, but Behest’s food maybe a little too bland in my opinion to get top marks.

Overall I behest provides good value for money and it has the best ambiance of any Iranian places I have gone to.


Food – 3/5 – food is OK, nothing particularly bad nor amazing in my opinion.

Service – 3.5/5 – the staff are friendly and take bookings even on busy days. But if you turn up spontaneously on a Friday night do expect a long wait.

Value – 3.5/5 – good value for money.

Venue – 4.5/5 – not to far away from Kensal rise station. The decor and ambience is very nice, good seating capacity too.

SAS – 2.5/5 – nothing particularly standout but this was one of the first decent Iranian cuisines I had.

Overall – 17/25

Review by Sheikhy