Banana Tree, Bayswater

This cosy spot is quite popular on the weekends. It’s quite a trendy place but reasonably priced and serves good authentic indochinese food.

The Kajang Satay Chicken is one of the best satay I’ve had, and that’s including the original Sate Ayam in the hometown of Kajang back in Malaysia… that was superb but this is as close as it gets. The peanut satay sauce is my favourite event

Kway Teow Mee noodles were also great and definitely filling. Usually, noodles don’t really do it for me but the flavours and the way the food is cooked is great.

The Legendary Rendang is an extremely interesting dish. Really soft meat with a deep coconut curry sauce to go with it, not too overpowering but really well done.

The char grilled blackened beef has also been good in the past. If any of you are anything like me and love that grilled flavour, this is a great dish to try.

On other occasions, I’ve had the Nasi goreng (basically friend rice) and I wasn’t displeased at all.

The Beef Pho is so good! Delicate flavours with nothing really overpowering the soup dish. Very filling and if you like Vietnamese/Thai food, this is a popular choice.

I’ve heard that the duck is equally good at this place but you’d have to double check if the duck is halal too. All in all, I love this place because the food is really quite authentic, just as if you were eating from the streets of Yogyakarta. Prices are reasonable, especially if you are still a student!


Food – 4/5  good quality food, good flavours and plenty of variety for everyone

Service – 4/5 very friendly staff

Value – 4/5 reasonable prices for good quality food

Venue – 3/5 comfy restaurant but nothing particularly special

SAS – 3/5 Banana tree gives you a decent meal and will tick the right boxes if you want some Pan Asian comfort food

Overall 18/25

Review by Sulty