Maedah Grill, Whitechapel

A place close to my heart, located just behind the East London Mosque: Maedah Grill.

So basically, I had a day long craving for Iskender, a famous turkish dish which is basically doner kebab meat on a bed of bread, yoghurt and tomato sauce. Sounds weird, but oh my, it is beautiful.

So the meat in general here is quite good, you have your bog standard tavuc sis (chicken kebab) etc. The meat is quite good, value for money is great and it’s nice because you can see the kitchen and your food being cooked from the comfort of your table.

You walk in, seated by your turkish waiter, take your order and then presented with some beautiful fresh bread and some condiments.

The fresh bread has already won me over.

Generally, the food is really good here but I’ve given it a 3.5/5 just because the Iskender has quite a bit of fat on it. And personally, I cannot stand fat on meat. It’s a good time to mention I’m not much of a meat fan, you’d have to ask Sheikhy over here.

Oh and the tiramisu here was quite yummy, not too creamy or rich – just right!

Carbs are the bane of my life

Carbs are the bane of my life


Iskender- Just heaven


Food – 3.5/5

Service – 4/5

Value – 4/5

SAS factor 2/5


Review by Salt

Non-halal food: No
Alcohol served: No