Lahore Lahore Eh, East Ham

London is saturated with MANY Pakistani/Indian restaurants and I have been able to try many of these. Generally the rule of thumb – the more non-Pakistani people in these restaurants, comes less authenticity in the dishes.

Lahore Lahore Eh is the only place my family now go to and though it certainly isn’t glam it has good food at good value.

My favourite dishes from here are chunee (chickpeas) (note I generally don’t like veggie food), their moist tandoori baby chicken and their kulchee which is like naan bread with sesame seeds, something you tend to only find in Pakistan. They also have of course.. Mango lassi, they give a good amount which is sweet and not too thin.

If you don’t exactly care about what the restaurant looks like but you want authentic Pakistani food which will fill you under a tenner I would advise to check out Lahore Lahore Eh.


Food – 3.5/5 – in my opinion the chunee with a kulcha combination is incredible. Baby chicken is very tender.

Service – 3/5 – my family get very good service but in general I would say the service is ok.

Value – 4/5 – very student friendly prices.

Venue 2/5 – the only positives are that it is clean and close to east ham station. Not much spent in the way of renovation.

SAS factor –  – 3.5/5 – it’s certainly not the most unique of places not the most unique of places. But I can truly say the chunee are the best I’ve had.

Overall – 16/25

Review by Sheikhy

Non-halal food: No
Alcohol served: No