Cabana, Westfield Stratford

Location: Westfield Stratford


This Brasilian BBQ number is quite a nice and easy place. Not too decadent, but full of flavour. Been here twice and enjoyed it on both occasions.

First time I had “The Beirut” which is a flat bread burger lookalike. Simple and quite filling dish.

BUT the winner was the Super Chicken Salad… SALAD?! You scream at me, yes my dear readers.. Salad. This amazing amalgamation of flavours hit the spot. Beautifully BBQ chicken (Zingy Chicken) on a bed of lettuce, corn variations and mango. Let’s just say, everyone wanted a piece of mine..

The sweet potato chips are definitely a winner. The cassava chips not

so much, were a bit too oily for my liking.

The Mojito here was class.

Food 3/5     (Only because the chicken alone is halal so it’s a limiting menu) 
Service 3/5
Value 3/5
Venue 3/5
SAS factor 2/5
Overall 14/25

Despite the low rating, if you are in the area and fed up with Las Iguanas or the other usual places, it’s worth a go.


Review by Salt

Non-halal food: Yes
Alcohol served: Yes