Amigo’s Peri-Peri, Acton

There was much hype surrounding this place from the brothers at KCL and I also heard that Amir Khan has come here too, so I was very eager to try this place. It also has a rep for being an ‘akhi hangout’ which I must say is quite true! Sulty and I (Sheikhy) went on two different times and to be honest we reached the same conclusions below. Sulty went after they had revamped their menu so they food options were a bit more varied.

Though it’s got ‘peri-peri’ to its name I went for their infamous burger, the 20oz Jacob Burger with fries and a white Ferrero Rocher milkshake. The burger was huge, impossible to bite all the way through. The meat was juicy and not over cooked nor did it have a cheap processed taste, but the burger was not gourmet quality. As it is processed it did contain some of the hard cartilage bits and bobs.

Sulty had the Texan, 6oz….. to some (ahem Sheikhy) this is an appetiser but I (Sulty) can assure you, I was still stuffed the next morning, well just before breakfast! The burger was exactly what you want when you have the “Ahhhhh, I just fancy a burger feeling!” It’s juicy, falls everywhere and does actually hit the spot. The burger map doesn’t disintegrate which is great because you can still hold the thing while you catch your breath or grab some fries.

I’m not the fan of garlic generally, but their garlic sauce (Y) with chips.. Amazing.

And I must say that the milkshake was probably one of the best I have ever had (white Ferrero Rocher).

The entire meal with milkshake cost approx £10-11, which is incredible value for money. On the down side you are expected to wait a while, the receipt said 45 mins but came in approx 30 mins.


Food 4/5 – Huge 20oz burger. Better burger than a lot of halal food takeaway places.

Service 3/5 – you are expected to wait a while.

Value 5/5 – very good value for money

Venue 2/5 – tucked away in acton, looks like a normal take away shop but sadly lack of toilet facilities

SAS factor 4/5 – Unlike other places there is very little marketing of Amigo’s, great burgers and option of peri chicken too!

Overall 18/25

Review by Sheikhy and Sulty

Non-halal food: No
Alcohol served: No

253 High St, London, Acton, Greater London W3 9BY
020 8993 7577